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How to use DLLs in excel?

+2 votes
How to use DLLs in excel?
posted Jun 10, 2015 by Merry

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1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

Please refer this Link it may help you Click here

answer Jun 17, 2015 by Mohammed Hussain
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I'm using Office 2010 and now I cannot edit existing query and Parameter both buttons are grayed out. Below are the steps I followed.

My requirement is to fetch the data from oracle database from Excel. by passing the three parameters.
1. string
2 and 3 are Date parameters.

steps followed to archive:

  1. setup-ed the ODBC connection in Control panel.
  2. Now back to Excel, open any excel workbook and select Data > From Other Sources > From Data Connection Wizard
  3. selected --> Other Advanced and then “Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle”
  4. updated the connection string
  5. and Command text as
    SELECT * FROM xx_salinfo a, xx_ivcinfo b
    WHERE a.num =
    AND a.status = NVL(Upper(''''||?||'''',a.status ) -- parameter1
    AND so_wr_dt BETWEEN NVL(''''||?'||''', 01-JAN-05) AND NVL(''''||?||'''', 01-JAN-15) -- parameter2 and 3

But from here I have problem "Edit Query" and "Parameters.." both were grayed out. so im not able to pass/tag the cells values into the parameters.

please help me , how to fix it.

Note: This works fine without parameters. So, nothing wrong in steps.


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I created cvs (excel_sheet.cvs) form xls. In this cvs same row is divided in two row because of new line character in cell value. I want to extract values from CVS.

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What all things need to be taken care while writing macro function which has multiple lines ?

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