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Please provide Protocol Configuration Options GTP-C wireshark capture

+2 votes

Can someone please share GTP-C(create session request/Create Session Response) wireshark captures which contains PCO IE. I am facing problem while adding PCO IE with the GTP-C message. Want to check wireshark capture for reference.

posted Jun 8, 2015 by Naveen Yanamaddi

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share your mail id on, I will send.
@Sarjit you can attach the image as an attachment as part of the answer itself.
hume bhi vej sarjit
@Tanmoy please use english as language so that many people can understand it

1 Answer

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answer Jun 10, 2015 by Sarjit Singh
Thanks a lot Sarjith.
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I have REST based interface to SDN controller (OpenDaylight) through which I want to enable GTP-U encapsulation and de-capsulation for an UE based on UE IP address. What all things I need to do and how ?