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Is the fuse(/sdcard) partition in Android synchronous or asynchronous

+1 vote
Is the fuse(/sdcard) partition in Android synchronous or asynchronous
posted Jul 31, 2013 by Jagan Mishra

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I designed a new file system and mounted it to a self created folder at /sdcard/mytest/. Now I want to check the Android Apps performance on this new file system.So I need to install some apk file to this folder, /sdcard/mytest/, not /sdcard/

Is there any way to install the apk using some command lines and designate the installation location?

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I want to handle asynchronous callback/handler by executing in the sequence I request. The actual request is WebClient request. Please suggest how can I accomplish this?

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I am trying to install 3p apps on external sdcard. I see considerable change in Volume.cpp between JB and Lollipop like removal of bind mounting concept. I tried reverting back the changes but I get the following issues

E/Vold ( 144): Error creating imagefile (Read-only file system)
E/Vold ( 144): ASEC image file creation failed (Read-only file system)

What changes do I need to do in current Vold code to enable 3p Apps installation on external sdcard.

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