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UE harq process in 5G-NR is asynchronous or synchronous ?

+4 votes
UE harq process in 5G-NR is asynchronous or synchronous ?
posted Mar 9, 2018 by Dhianesh 1 abuse reported

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Asynchronous HARQ used in 5G NR.There is HARQ PDSCH Feedback Timing Indicator In DCI Format 1_0 and 1_1 and tells the UE where it needs to send the HARQ feedback for the downlink data that it received. UE sends the HARQ retransmission based on this instruction over the PUCCH.

answer Mar 11, 2018 by Mohit Mohan
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If possible then how the HARQ resource grid will be calculated. NR and LTE have different resource grid allocation how can we report HARQ of one cell to another cell in Dual connectivity.

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RAR includes UL grant, but this doesn't denotes the HARQ process ID, which one will be used in 5G?

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