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Anyone run into an issue where the time zone is not working in Bugzilla?

+2 votes

Anyone run into an issue where the time zone is not working in Bugzilla? We have set the time zone for the server in the administration settings. It worked for about a day and now it is no longer working. It is still showing as the correct time zone (MDT) and when I post to a defect it even says MDT, but it is 6 hours in advance.

posted May 28, 2015 by anonymous

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We reissue userids as new employees come on board from employees that have left which sometimes causes a new employee to get a Bugzilla logon error. The error message statues" "The external ID "xxxx" already exists in the database for "", but your account source says that "xxx.xxxx@xxx" has that ID". Any suggestions?

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I installed bugzilla on ubuntu 14.04 machine. how to set SMTP mail server so that all mail notification should get send to gmail mail ids.

Please help?

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I am the admin of our Bugzilla, I need that specific user will see only specific product and in this product he can report bugs ,edit them ....

So I define new group , and in the product permissions I set Mandatory/Mandatory, ENTRY, CANEDIT for this group only And its working perfectly

BUT , although i'm also "global watcher" I'm not receiving any mail on changes in this product and yes , the admin group is automatically in the new group

Any suggestions?

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I am trying to install bugzilla 4.4 on my linux machine .I am installing the required module . When I am trying to execute the /usr/bin/perl Digest::SHA it is not working. Please let me know the proper steps to install bugzill 4.4 on my linux machine .

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I have a bug list with nearly 700 bugs in it. Is it possible to import my bug list CSV to bugzilla? Is there any firefox/chrome addons available for importing CSV/Excel to bugzilla?
If there are no addons for doing this, is there any other way to import bugs to bugzilla.