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Reissued UserID gets an error when attempting to login to Bugzilla the first time

+1 vote

We reissue userids as new employees come on board from employees that have left which sometimes causes a new employee to get a Bugzilla logon error. The error message statues" "The external ID "xxxx" already exists in the database for "", but your account source says that "xxx.xxxx@xxx" has that ID". Any suggestions?

posted May 14, 2013 by anonymous

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Anyone run into an issue where the time zone is not working in Bugzilla? We have set the time zone for the server in the administration settings. It worked for about a day and now it is no longer working. It is still showing as the correct time zone (MDT) and when I post to a defect it even says MDT, but it is 6 hours in advance.

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Sometimes it happens that with firefox after each page change during creation of a new bug new login is required. So the page with login information is shown (not the login at the header line)

With IE or Chrome at the same time this does not happen. Does anyone know how the firefox can used without the repeating login?

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Its taking long time to committing bugs , we have around 19 users in default CC list . I was tried with single user then its committing fast but even with 4, 5 users its taking 3, 5 mins time. How can i reduce commit time to below 1min with upto 20 users CC list ??

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How can I attach multiple files in single commit or while posting a new bug?

Right now it accepts only one attachment, when I try to add next it overrides the first one.

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I am using bugzilla version 4.4.2 and I need some additional fields in when I try to Change Several Bugs at Once.

At the moment i need the fields "Tags" and "Deadline " when I try to Change Several Bugs at Once. But the fields are not available.