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In QXDM log, how to identify first RACH message which UE sends?

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I am looking at information on which message to refer to first RACH message sent by UE when attaching to network

Which message should I refer to and filter to be applied? Any screenshot would be helpful.

posted May 26, 2015 by Alkesh Mehta

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What is size and content of RACH first message (Random Access Preamble transmission) by UE to eNodeB.
Also if someone can explain the fields and sizes?

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Usually, I always saw when UE sends "S-TMSI" in RRC connection Request message then it definitely sends "Registered MME Information " in RRC Connection Setup Complete message.

I am looking for a scenario on which UE sends "Random number" in RRC Connection Request message and "Registered MME Information" in RRC Connection Setup Complete message.