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As per some specification and my knowledge it seems ISUP can be over SCCP or SUA protocol. My questions here are -
1. How practical it is, it it rarely practiced or commonly followed.
2. What is the advantage at the network level if we do so.

posted Jul 29, 2013 by Nora Jones

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1 Answer

+1 vote

As far as I recall ISUP does not use SCCP for normal call setup, it only uses it for certain special services like CCBS (call completion to busy subscriber) according to the ITU-T standard, and I think most countries have an alternative national standard (we have an alternative standard here in the UK) so use of SCCP is not seen very often at all.

answer Jul 31, 2013 by anonymous
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+2 votes

I see a high number of SCCP CREFs(Connection Refusal) in the logs. None of the calls are successful as observed from PM Counter statistics. The application has refused with the cause 7.From ITU-T Q.713 it indicates 00000111 network resource QoS unavailable/transient.

SCCP stack has logged unsolicited status indication with the event "Connection request failure" and cause "connection threshold exceeded".

Please let me know,

1.) What does this "connection threshold exceeded" indicate? Is this the SCCP connections ? Is it configurable ?
2.) What does "network resource" QoS unavailable/transient mean" ? Can "connection threshold exceeded" be the cause behind "network resource QoS unavailable/transient".

Please give me your valuable inputs on how to debug this further. Whether congestion can be the reason?

0 votes

I was referring the rfc4666 for M3UA and have few concerns regarding the DUPU SSNM message. The specification says that a DUPU indicates the unavailability of a certain user part.
If I may quote "The DUPU message is used by an SGP to inform concerned ASPs that a remote peer MTP3-User Part (e.g., ISUP or SCCP) at an SS7 node is unavailable"
I have two questions.
1. How these concerned ASPs are identified. Is it upon receiving a MTP-Transfer for a particular user part (say SCCP) or can it be sent periodically for a given ASP ?
2. I could not find any SSNM message that indicates a User Parts Availability. Am I wrong here to expect such a message and if so how come a concerned ASP know if a certain User Part is available at a given point code.

It would be an immense help if anyone could clarify the aforementioned concerns.

+2 votes

Please correct me.

I have a query related to CAP3 GPRS Charging. Basically CAP3 GPRS works on GSM network, that means it uses SS7 Network topology but for Charging it uses Diameter.My doubt is since Diameter is an application layer protocol in OSI model , how both the models work synchronously for CAP3 GPRS Charging. Any reference would be highly appreciable