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Can somebody explains or give some reference on CAP3 GPRS Charging

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Please correct me.

I have a query related to CAP3 GPRS Charging. Basically CAP3 GPRS works on GSM network, that means it uses SS7 Network topology but for Charging it uses Diameter.My doubt is since Diameter is an application layer protocol in OSI model , how both the models work synchronously for CAP3 GPRS Charging. Any reference would be highly appreciable

posted Dec 14, 2015 by Chinmoy Padhi

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As far as know CAP3 is over SS7, and CAP3 GPRS charging message also use SS7 infrastructure.
I believe you are talking about interworking function where one side is CAP3 and another side is diameter.
Thanks Salil for your reply. Yes you are correct I am looking for interworking function one side is CAP3 and other side is Diameter.So my basic doubt is since Diameter is an application layer protocol in OSI layer how it fits into SS7 model.

1 Answer

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No its not its two tower one tower is CAP-TCAP-SS7 and another is Diameter-SCTP. IWF is over both the towers which communicate with CAPv3 and Diameter and do the necessary conversion.

        /       \
      /           \
CAP             DIAMETER
TCAP            SCTP
SCCP            IP
answer Dec 15, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
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