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What is concept of Loss Handover and Lossless Handover in PDCP?

+5 votes
What is concept of Loss Handover and Lossless Handover in PDCP?
posted Mar 31, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+2 votes

W.r.t PDCP layer, there are two types of handovers "seamless" and "lossless". The term seamless is used for those bearers (UM modes) which can tolerate packet loss but not delay, for example : VoIP services while other services like file transfer is reverse in nature , it can't tolerate packet loss. Services like file transfers are provided by using AM mode bearer. For such type of bearer source eNodeB forwards PDCP SN and HFN numbers to target eNodeB and named as "lossless" handover while source eNodeB doesn't share PDCP SN and HFN of UM mode bearers with target eNodeB.

answer Mar 31, 2015 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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During X2-handover, In PDCP how to forward prepared packets which are not yet got ACK from UE and packets getting from SGW ?

Because why I getting this doubt is, Packets which are not got ACK all are prepared one means assigned PDCP SN but packets getting from SGW are SDU's means not assigned PDCP SN for those (we sent SN status info to Target eNB when handover triggered).how to differentiate these packets at target eNB which one is PDU and which one is SDU.

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I came through these terms like seamless and lossless handover, what is the significance's in these type of handovers and when these thing happens?

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