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Specs for detailed descriptions of IEs in "Tracking Area Update Request" and "Tracking Area Update Accept"?

+3 votes

Which spec to look for detailed descriptions of IEs in "Tracking Area Update Request" and "Tracking Area Update Accept" messages?

posted Mar 10, 2015 by Nikhil Pandey

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1 Answer

0 votes

Tracking Area Procedure belongs to NAS layer. Please go through 3GPP 24.301 spec. It covers LTE NAS layer messages like attach request/accept/complete etc.

answer Mar 10, 2015 by Harshita
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Uplink NAS transport message is used between eNodeB and MME to pass NAS messages between UE and MME transparently.
Since eNodeB has already communicated TAI and E-CGI as part of "Initial UE message" and MME knows current serving (cell and tai ) of UE then why both IEs are mandatory in Uplink NAS transport. I think it should be optional and it should be included in the message when there is a change in serving (cell or tai or both).

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I know that once the security has been established for the NAS signalling connection, the MME will not process any NAS signalling messages unless they have been successfully integrity checked by the NAS. Is there any scenario where the Tracking Area Update Request sent by the ue will not be integrity protected but still it is processed at the mme and a proper response is given to ue .?

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There are two types of tracking area update procedures in LTE, one is known as periodic and the other one is aperiodic.
I want to know in either case (periodic/aperiodic), when MME receives TAU request from UE, does it re-establish all the bearers again or it just completes TAU signalling and UE goes to idle mode again ?

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