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Is there any scenario where the Tracking area update request sent be the ue will not be integrity protected?

+2 votes

I know that once the security has been established for the NAS signalling connection, the MME will not process any NAS signalling messages unless they have been successfully integrity checked by the NAS. Is there any scenario where the Tracking Area Update Request sent by the ue will not be integrity protected but still it is processed at the mme and a proper response is given to ue .?

posted Aug 26, 2016 by Lavanya L

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There are two ways for tracking area update procedure to get triggered from UE to network . One is known as periodic and other one as non-periodic.

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I know tracking area list is provided by MME to UE to track UE in idle mode. I want to know what is the purpose of having different kind of tracking area type like "consecutive tracking area codes belonging to one plmn" , "non-consecutive tracking area codes belong to one PLMN".

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Is this message mandatory to be triggered by UE towards network as part of tracking area update procedure or only at some special cases it is triggered ?

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What is the objective to send the ESM Information Request message to UE ? Does it part of attach procedure ?

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