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How to remove/uninstall unknown program from Windows7

0 votes

I found two programs in control panel with no name. I tried to uninstall but it does nothing. My request how to remove these two unknown programs.
1. BeStSavrForYuou
2. CouponExteNsion.

I had trouble; where ever I click and ad will pop up some asking high pay to fix it. I checked my firefox and other setting did not find any wrong, I have win7 on dell.

posted Mar 2, 2015 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+1 vote
answer Mar 2, 2015 by Deepankar Dubey
0 votes

you can use iobit uninstaller or revo and you'll be ableto uninstall any program you want easily it also gives you the flexibility to search for unwanted programs through advance scanning and let you clean your pc

answer Mar 25, 2016 by Shahsikant Dwivedi
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