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Is Local-routed configuration a limitation,as it needs a PGW change

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When the PGW is changed, there is a possibility of a change of IP address. The UE may request for the assignment of the same IP in the new nw as well, but allocation of the same is not guaranteed.
In this case, it is imminent that the UE will experience a glitch in service. While the same is not true with Home-routed configuration(as PGW doesnt change). Isnt this a limitation?

posted Jul 21, 2013 by Chandra Javalkar

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1 Answer

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There is a concept of static IP i.e. UE can ask for a specific IP (yes but that is not guaranteed). In general in the real network PGW does not assign the IP from its own rather its assigned by a separate server i.e. DHCP so if both the PGW is connected the the same DHCP server then same IP can be assigned but it is very context specific.

answer Jul 21, 2013 by Kevin Peterson
IP Addess Allocation when UE moved from 3G to 4G network?
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