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What is paging response for ps domain?

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What is paging response for ps domain?
posted Feb 2, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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Are you talking about the paging response sent from eNB to MME.
mt-Access: Corresponding NAS procedures are“Service Request” (paging response for PS domain) or “Extended Service Request”(MT-CS fallback) here i didnt understand paging for ps domain?

1 Answer

+1 vote

Paging procedure signalling is divided into following two steps:
1. Paging message between MME and eNodeB.
2. Paging message between eNodeB and UE.

If UE was registered with MME for EPS and non-EPS services simultaneously then MME can page that UE for both types of services i.e. "circuit switch" as well as "packet switch". In case of incoming voice call, MME receives "SGsAP-PAGING-REQUEST" message from VLR, prepare and sends S1-AP Paging message to eNodeB with enable cs-indicator in CN domain IE of S1-AP Paging message. Similarly, when MME receives downlink data notification from SGW, it sends S1-AP paging message to UE with enable ps-indicator in CN domain IE of S1-AP message.

answer Feb 3, 2015 by Rupam
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In a PS (only) network, why do we see MME paging to UE after some time? Does it mean UE goes idle on Uu interface (possibly short inactivity timer on eNB) while it had requested for some data earlier but before data reaches at S-GW, UE has already moved Idle mode? Please explain