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When network initiate paging for EPS services using IMSI with CN domain indicator set to "PS?

+2 votes
When network initiate paging for EPS services using IMSI with CN domain indicator set to "PS?
posted Oct 29, 2015 by Gnanendra Reddy

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1 Answer

0 votes

MME does paging for an UE with S-TMSI in normal scenario. Paging with IMSI is not a normal case for a LTE network. This scenario may happen when network has not lost information like S-TMSI for an UE. I never encountered a scenario at which , network does paging for an UE with IMSI.

answer Nov 1, 2015 by Harshita
ha agree with you but RRC spec covers paging UE id with stmsi or imsi
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When we will construct a RRC paging message with multiple paging records?
In which scenario I need to construct a RRC paging message message with multiple paging records.Suppose we have 10 UEs in idle mode and DL data notification is comming for 5 UEs at the same time,then how mme will send S1AP paging message(i.e one by one for each UE or all the message at once).If ENB is receiving all the four S1AP paging message then how RRC has to process the S1AP paging messages and how it should construct the RRC paging message (i.e whether it should send one paging record for one pcch message or it should send multiple records in one PCCH message?if multiple records then how to send the UE_ids to MAC and RLC?).

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If once ENodeB recevies ETWS indication form MME, ENodeB should broadcast the paging message to all UE.

Inorder to send paging message with DL indication ENodeB will have UE_ID to calculate PO & PF to broadcast Paging message.

What will UE_ID in case of ETWS indication? How to calculate PO or is their any specific PO's which is their to broadcast?

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