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What is the path for following windows services: InformaticaServices8.6.0 AND InformaticaOrchestrationServer

+2 votes

I've deleted following windows services. Now when i'm trying to re install the server for Informatica8.6 its throwing errors. So Could you please let me know the path to executable of following services:

posted Jan 21, 2015 by Sachin

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+1 vote

I am trying to install Informatica 8.6 server on my Windows 7 Home Edition Laptop with Oracle 11g. I am getting error message:

"Cannot start Informatica services" EXITCODE: S.

There is a long description which says:

"Use the error below and catalina.out and node.log in the server/tomcat/logs directory on the the current machine to get more information." .

When I checked catalina.out, the file is empty and node.log didn't exist in server/tomcat/logs.

Could you please let me know how to get rid of this error if have happened to come across and resolved that or know how to resolve the error?

+1 vote

Our target is a Netezza database. Our source is a .csv file. We are using Informatica 8.6.0.

In the workflow manager, in the Relational Connection Browser, I am not able to get Netezza as the Database.

Do need to add any drivers? How do i get it to show up?

0 votes

How to windows script that can check if informatica service is running or not, if not it should re-start and this script should run at windows startup .