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Windows script to check Informatica services running or not?

0 votes

How to windows script that can check if informatica service is running or not, if not it should re-start and this script should run at windows startup .

posted Sep 22, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

make a batch file and save this inside it

%INFA_HOME%/server/bin/infacmd.bat ping -dg localhost:6005

Assuming INFA_HOME is defined in your environment and you're using the default setup port of 6005. Informatica is usually created as as service under Windows running as a limited user account. It is set to start automatically and it will attempt to restart itself once if it fails. However you should look into why it failed starting rather than force starting it from a script.

Informatica's service is also known to take a minute or more in order to start so you might just want to be patient with it.

answer Sep 23, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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we have two informatica jobs that run parallel . one starts at 11.40 cet and it has around 300 informatica workflows in it out of which one is fact_sales. the other job runs at 3.40 cet and it has around 115 workflows in it many of which are dependent on fact_sales in term of data consistency. the problem is fact_sales should finish before certain workflows in process 2 starts for data to be accurate. but this doesnt happen generally. what we are trying to do is to split the process 2 in such a way that fact_sales dependent workflows run only after the fact_sales has finished . can you provide me a way to go about writing a unix shell script that check the status of this fact_sales and if it successfull then kicks off other dependent workflows and if not then it should send a failure mail.


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I am trying to install Informatica 8.6 server on my Windows 7 Home Edition Laptop with Oracle 11g. I am getting error message:

"Cannot start Informatica services" EXITCODE: S.

There is a long description which says:

"Use the error below and catalina.out and node.log in the server/tomcat/logs directory on the the current machine to get more information." .

When I checked catalina.out, the file is empty and node.log didn't exist in server/tomcat/logs.

Could you please let me know how to get rid of this error if have happened to come across and resolved that or know how to resolve the error?

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My script ran successfully in Unix but not in a command task of an Informatica workflow. The permissions are fine, and the parameter file and variables have been declared in the workflow. Why is this happening?

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Using Informatica designer, is there a way to run a complex SELECT statement as-is against a source database, and workflow it into a target table? For example, SQL Server Integration Services makes it really easy to create source/target connections, paste your source SQL, and map the results to the target table. When the package is run, SQL runs against the source, and results are dumped into the target.

Is something like that available in Informatica?

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I want to copy the data into one excel file, while the mapping has been running in informatica.

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