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What are most and commonly used key-words short-cut in Eclipse?

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What are most and commonly used key-words short-cut in Eclipse?
posted Jan 19, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Following TOP 10 Eclipse Shortcuts helps everyone in their happy day coding.

Ctrl + Shift + O : Organize imports
Ctrl + Shift + T : Open Type
Ctrl + Shift + F4 : Close all Opened Editors
Ctrl + O : Open declarations
Ctrl + E : Open Editor
Ctrl + / : Line Comment
Alt + Shift + R : Rename
Alt + Shift + L : extract to Local Variable
Alt + Shift + M : extract to Method
F3 : Open Declaration
Let me explain how i got these TOP 10 shortcuts.

I start developing a plugin. As the development goes i want to refactor the code with “Alt + Shift + L” and “Alt + Shift + L” and “Alt + Shift + M“.

And not i have many methods and probably 500+ lines of code in java file. A typical development involves commenting and uncommenting via “Ctrl + /” (Even though we have shortcuts for Block Commenting, looks like many developers use more of Ctrl + /).

As we comment and uncomment and many more class references, we have so many imports that need to be cleaned. We do copy very often from one class to another class, now i want to organize my imports by “Ctrl + Shift + O“

Now i want to find variable and method declarations via “Ctrl + O“.

In the course of development i would like to view/analyze the declarations of the methods or classes via “F3″.

All well till now, i want to use an interface/class and want to search for it via “Ctrl + Shift + T“.

By the time we do all this we have too many editors opened and we would like to navigate among multiple open editors via “Ctrl + E“.

And finally you feel frustrated with so many opened editors and want to close all of them via “Ctrl + Shift + F4“.

answer Jun 18, 2015 by Karthick.c
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