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Is it normal to have Credit Control Update transaction once the GTP tunnel is closed?

+2 votes
Is it normal to have Credit Control Update transaction once the GTP tunnel is closed?
posted Jan 13, 2015 by anonymous

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Is it possible to use Credit-Control-Failure-Handling AVP in Gx interface. If so, how?

My query is when PCEF sends a CCRequest to PCRF and PCRF does not reply anything, so in that case will that be possible to use Credit-Control-Failure-Handling(CCFH) avp.

Does this behavior allowed as per 3GPP Standards or its upto the customization of the product. Any reference are highly appreciable.

+1 vote

We are facing a problem with Diameter Credit Control Application:

Diameter client sends a CCR-update message to server,but server does not respond to the request. Now,as client is configured with session failover, it will send CCR-update to backup server. In this update message, Destination Host AVP is not being included. (???) Hence, in same destination realm, this request is forwarded to random peer. This random peer is responding with failure message as "Diamater Unable to Comply". Whats wrong here..?? (in rfc 4006, I'm not able to track this kind of scenario!)

+4 votes


What are the possible Result-Codes for Multiple-Services-Credit-Control AVP.
Is there any other result codes from 2001, 4012? If so, please mention the scenario
Any reference would be highly appreciable

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State the difference between Diameter Credit Control Applications and Ro applications with reference to Diameter protocol?