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where do we get paging message in frame structure ?

+1 vote

where do we get paging message in frame structure as we see for PBCH occupying first subframe second slot four ofdma symbols

posted Jan 9, 2015 by Shivaraj Kenche

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1 Answer

0 votes

PCH is Mapped to dynamically allocated physical resources ie PDSCH check the following image.

LTE Channel Mapping

So technically PCH can be any where represented in white.

Frame Structure of LTE

answer Jan 9, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
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There are two things related to paging 1) paging frame 2) paging occasion.
To get the paging frame UE_ID is used provided by the MME to eNodeB.
Now I have question why 1024 is used to get UE_ID. UE_ID = IMSI % 1024

+10 votes

If a UE is in RRC Idle state plus ECM registered and the UE has moved to a place where no reception is possible and after some time he has come out from that... What procedures will happen in UE?

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Why do use IMSI for calculating the Paging Frame(PF) and not S-TMSI?

PF= SFN mod T = (T div N ) * (UE_ID mod N)

Where UE_ID= IMSI mod 1024.

0 votes

If there is data/call for the UE, SGW sends DL Data Notification to MME, MME sends S1AP Paging message to all the eNodeBs for the given TAI list and finally ENodeB broadcast Paging at DRX interval.

Now UE receives the Paging message and moves from RRC/ECM-Idle state to RRC/ECM-Connected state.

Does UE recalculates PCI again, then reads MIB and SIB1,2 before sending RACH Preamble ?