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What is the difference between signalling and tunneling in LTE?

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What is the difference between signalling and tunneling in LTE?
posted Dec 22, 2014 by Gnanendra Reddy

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Comment from Bart -

If I get the question correctly it's about tunnel and mobility messages.
If so then it's about data and signaling respectively.

1 Answer

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Signalling is referred to the signalling message flow which are used to govern services for a subscirber like attach detach, bearer creation updation or termination.
Tunneling is referred to as the tunnels created for the user data traffic where actually data transfer happen when a subscriber uses services like streaming, voice call or video call etc.

In LTE for signalling GTPv2 is used and for tunneling GTPv1 is used.

answer Dec 22, 2014 by Peeyush Sharma
will you tel basic meaning of signalling in the context of lte?
The basic meaning is that whatever messages you send in LTE is related to signalling like Create Session Request, Create Bearer Request, Delete Session Request etc.
Signalling happens between MME, SGW and PGW along with PCRF

when you use any service and consume data, it happens through tunneling based on the tunnels maintained on the user plane
User plane tunnels in maintained between PGW,SGW and enodeB
i still have a confusion you given example for signalling messages like(create session request,delete session request) but still dont know why these messages are called signlling messages?
They are called signalling messages because they are only used for communication between two nodes about the session like establishment modification termination.
They are used to manage a session and are not provide the actual service to the user
I believe to put it other words we can say that Signalling is another term for Control messages.
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