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Suggest a solution for this connection scenario

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I am writing a program where m:1 is the client server ratio. all those m clients send server some information time to time. The clients are written in c# and run as a hidden service.

What should I use to send data to server. File/Webservice/Direct connection to database.. which should be good in terms of resources and bandwidth??

posted Jul 15, 2013 by Ravi Gupta

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2 Answers

0 votes

Definitely Webservice and here are Top 5 reasons

Security You're not granting DB access to anyone but web server/app user.

DB load reduction Web service can cache the data it retrieved from DB.

Ability for fault tolerance the service can switch between primary/DR data sources without having details of fail-over be implemented by service consumers.

Scalability the service can spread requests between several parallel data sources without having details of the resource picking be implemented by service consumers.

Performance tuning Assuming the alternative is clients running their own queries (and not pre-canned stored procedures), you can be 100% sure that they will start using less than optimal queries. Also, if the web service bounds the set of allowable queries, it can help with your database tuning significantly. I must add that this logic is equally applicable to stored procedures, not unique to web services.

answer Jul 15, 2013 by Salil Agrawal
Hello Salil,

Can you please give me a link where I can learn more about this.

My server can be or can not be c# but my client is definitely in c#.
0 votes

Use either WCF or Webservices

answer Jul 15, 2013 by anonymous
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HI All,

I was asked this question in an interview sometime back. So I do not have more details like what is the environment or what services running. You can just make your own assumption and give me a suggestive answer.

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