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MongoDB : Is mongoDB support to add a new (key:value) pair for an existing document ?

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Query description: I have a collection name student_db and added a document in a collection with entries (name: "alok, age : 31 and profession: "xyz"). After inserting the document into student_db database, I want to add another (key:value ) pair i.e. salary: 50000.

Can someone help me out to resolve this problem ?

posted Jul 18, 2015 by Alok

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1 Answer

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yes it supports,If you want to add more {"key":"value"} pair in your collection of student_db,use update method and set the criteria which will specify the document id. This update command will not find any data to replace and It will add given {"key":"value"} pair to the document of specified collection.
Here is script Sample:
->use student_db;

answer Jan 29, 2016 by Shivam Kumar Pandey