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In Real Life for each EnodeB is there a separate EPC?

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My question is, In Real Life For Each EnodeB There is one separate separate EPC is there or what?
And What About new customer's SIM card details? Is it present in all HSS?

If Yes, Then it is really very difficult to update database file for all HSS. If No, Then How HANDOVER happens?

posted Dec 17, 2014 by anonymous

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Please simplify your query and I am not able to understand the description you mentioned here.
I also have similar impression as Ganesh, not able to understand the query.
i think he is asking 2 different n/ws(airtel,bsnl) has same epc or different epc?
My Question is..
In LTE Attach Procedure,
1st UE then ENODEB and then EPC (MME,SGW,HSS,PGW) is there.. Right?
So.. Each ENODEB has its own EPC or what??
In short its a hierarchical network, as you go closer to user you have more connecting nodes and as u go away you have less.

So in short u have one MME/SGW supporting to bunch of eNodeB, and one PGW supporting to bunch of SGW (though it completely depends on the architecture of the network)

1 Answer

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Best answer

In LTE multiple eNodeB can connect to one EPC and one eNodeB can connect to to multiple EPC at same time. So an eNodeB can connected with different EPC and these EPC can be of different operator. I think no operator wants to share their database with others. So SIM would be registered one of the operator HSS.

answer Dec 18, 2014 by Veer Pal Singh Yadav
please change operation to operator in answer
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