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What is Inter LTE Handover in X2AP?

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Please explain in detail?

posted Dec 16, 2014 by Gnanendra Reddy

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I believe from Inter-LTE you means one of these: Inter-MME, Inter-S-GW, Inter-MME/S-GW Handover
s sir inter-mme/sgw
Now what is the question or doubt?
I think that your question is related to inter frequency handover ?
i want to know when sgw/mme changes is it because of frequency changes or changes to another mmepool within same frequency?
Not just frequency, it could be because of new eNB is in different MME POOL.

1 Answer

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With respect to your question "Inter LTE handover in X2AP" , first thing should remember that X2 handover is applicable when there is no change in MME. In case of X2 handover, SGW may gets changed since UE is moved to a target eNodeB which is being served by a different SGW.

answer May 30, 2015 by Alok
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Because why I getting this doubt is, Packets which are not got ACK all are prepared one means assigned PDCP SN but packets getting from SGW are SDU's means not assigned PDCP SN for those (we sent SN status info to Target eNB when handover triggered).how to differentiate these packets at target eNB which one is PDU and which one is SDU.

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