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How Inter-Band Handover Works in LTE?

+3 votes
How Inter-Band Handover Works in LTE?
posted Jun 30, 2015 by anonymous

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did u mean inter-frequency handover??
band means changing from TDD to FDD

1 Answer

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If I assume your query is related to inter-frequency handover then please find my answer as follow.
- eNodeB does radio configuration for an LTE UE with the required frequency.
- eNodeB does report configuration for an LTE UE with the configured frequency. I meant to say that when an UE meets configured thresholds then it sends associated events to eNodeB and eNodeB takes necessary actions.

I have not worked for LTE handover as such but based on the specification understanding UE reports A3, A4 or A5 events.

answer Jul 1, 2015 by Harshita
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1 ->What are all the Handover failure situations in LTE ( apart from mentioned)

HO failure situations :- Like Target fails to
->get security context (mismatch in integrity/ciphering)
->max number of ue's in connected mode reached
->failed to admit atleast on erab n other

and what the message source eNodeB forwards to UE ( to inform a failure in handover) which leads to reestablishment ?

2->How or what are the possibilities that a UE fails to configure with RRC connection reconfiguration sent n does this happen only during Handover.

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For example. While a WhatsApp call. It is possible to change from Band 4 AWS to band 28 700 MHz APT?

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During X2-handover, In PDCP how to forward prepared packets which are not yet got ACK from UE and packets getting from SGW ?

Because why I getting this doubt is, Packets which are not got ACK all are prepared one means assigned PDCP SN but packets getting from SGW are SDU's means not assigned PDCP SN for those (we sent SN status info to Target eNB when handover triggered).how to differentiate these packets at target eNB which one is PDU and which one is SDU.