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how to revert back to the old version in Git

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Suppose i have a directory with many files .. I commit a good version .. then I make a bunch of changes and I messed something up .. how do I revert back to the old version? will all the files be replaced from the current messed up files to the older good files? I am using SourceTree.

posted Jul 14, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

I dont use SourceTree, but I know how to you do it in command line: if you want to delete forever the changes you have done, you need to get the commit hash of the commit where you want to return (the commit before the mess). For that you can use the command git log to get the hash. With the hash, use the command git reset --hard hash-id to return your project to state, deleting all changes that were done after that commit. If you want only to undo the changes, preserving the mess changes in the history, use the command git revert hash-id.

answer Jul 14, 2013 by anonymous
I have done a little mistake: with git reset --hard hash-id, you will return to the project state of the commits hash. With that, all changes that were done after that commit will be lost.  with git revert hash-id, you will undo the changes that were done in the commits hash. So, only one commit will be undone in this case. In both cases, git will change the files t automatically.
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