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I can't find my git.exe in android studio while using android studio version control? [CLOSED]

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I want to connect my android studio with git and installed git separately and when I enable version control. There is an error
"Cannot run program "git.exe" The system cannot find the file specified" searched in C drive programs files and X86 too but didn't get git.exe location.

closed with the note: Got my answer Thanks QueryHome.
posted Mar 2, 2016 by Shivam Kumar Pandey

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To fix this in Android Studio click File > Settings > Version Control > Git and then set the path to the location of git.exe on your system. Something like  'c:\program files (x86)\git\bin\git.exe'

Check the following thread
i can't see any folder named git in c drive ... is there any other location where git installed?
run a global search on your machine and then rest is simple I believe...
I found git.exe at "C:\Users\Shivam Pandey\AppData\Local\GitHub\PortableGit_c7e0cbde92ba565cb218a521411d0e854079a28c\cmd\git.exe
Thanks for update :)

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