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LTE: What does mean by "mix of S5/S8 connectivity and Gn/Gp connectivity is not supported for an UE simultaneously" ?

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while going through 3GPP 23.401, I stopped at PGW functionality. The following statement was written.
"If a UE is accessing multiple PDNs, there may be more than one PDN GW for that UE, however a mix of S5/S8 connectivity and Gn/Gp connectivity is not supported for that UE simultaneously". I couldn't understand it. Can someone please elaborate it.

posted Jan 12, 2014 by Harshita

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1 Answer

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S5 is local breakout. S8 is home-routed. Basically I think it means that a UE's subscription is such that it can connect to either, all of its "home" PDNs , or "visited" PDNs. The HSS manages the subscription. Now if the UE has to be supported a mix of "home" and "visited" PDNs, it has to be managed by both "home" and "visited" HSS, which is not a practical scenario. My thoughts, of course!

answer Jan 17, 2014 by Chandra Javalkar
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As per LTE core network architecture, MME shares S11 interface with SGW and SGW has S5/S8 interface with PGW.
I went through Create Session Response message sent by SGW to MME and found PGW-C and PGW-U tunnel ids.
I want to know what MME does with these PGW-C and PGW-U tunnel Ids ?

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In Gn/Gp case when Bearer Command Mode is UE/Network. How it is decided that bearer binding will be done by PCEF or PCRF?

As both are possible in that case.

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Hi all

Because combined S-GW/P-GW is one node, so do we still need to implement the connection between them?
Is it necessary for core network to implement GTP-based or PMIP based S5/S8 interface if it is combined S-GW/P-GW?

Is there any 3GPP spec mention about combined S-GW/P-GW? what is the cons and reasons to do this?