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Informatica shift field values to right

+1 vote

I want to create a mapping in Informatica Powercenter for the following functionality :

Initial Target Table Values : Field 1 : 100, Field 2 : 200, Field 3 : 300, Field 4 : 400.

Now, if the record is updated with a new value, say 500... then field 1 value should be moved to field 2.. and field 2 to field 3... and field 3 to field 4... and the new value should be inserted in field 1. so the output would be :

Field 1 : 500, Field 2 : 100, Field 3 : 200, Field 4 : 300.

How can I achieve above functionality?!

posted Nov 24, 2014 by Sachin

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1 Answer

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The problem description is somewhat unclear, but it seems to be an interview question testing the knowledge of variable ports.

Refer to Prev column value display for a detailed explanation of port evaluation order. I will only reiterate two important points here:
1.The Integration Service evaluates ports in the following order: input ports -> variable ports -> output ports.
2.Ordering the variable ports properly is crucial, because the display order for variable ports is the same as the order in which the Integration Service evaluates each variable.

To solve the problem you need to define the a variable port for every input port with the following expressions:


v_Field4 = v_Field3
v_Field3 = v_Field2
v_Field2 = v_Field1
v_Field1 = in_Field1

out_Field1 = v_Field1
out_Field2 = v_Field2
out_Field3 = v_Field3
out_Field4 = v_Field4
answer Nov 27, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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id    |   value
10       a,b,c
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I am using power exchange to read/write mainframe files through listeners, is it possible to handle low values/high values present in mainframe files through informatica ?

Thanks in advance.

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PWX-00271 DBAPI Error. DB_READ failed for file <Non-relational source>.
PWX-01266 DBNTC Receive READ header for file <Non-relational source> failed, rcs 260/2011/2141.
PWX-02011 SQL fetch error. SQLCODE = 2141.
PWX-02141 Record mapping failure. Table="CIP.COMPBGRP.CIPCGHD2". Record=1. Row=1.
PWX-02142 Field extends past end of record.
                     Field="CIPCGHD2:GEN_AFT2_HEADER_AREA". Table="CIP.COMPBGRP.CIPCGHD2". Record=1. Row=1.

We are importing copy books from power exchange navigator and we are facing issue when we run query again the table and above error message we are getting.

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