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Translation API in Python

0 votes

I want to use A translator from Arabic to English and reverse in my application which is written in pyhton,
Is there any open source Translator that can be used with python Or Any Suggestion?

posted May 15, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

I would recommend, in order:
1) Searching the Python modules
2) Searching PyPI
3) Searching the web
4) Finding a translation program that uses stdin/stdout

I suspect #1 will come up blank, but any of the others could well come up with something. Working with an external program is a bit harder than an actual Python module, but it'll work.

answer May 16, 2013 by anonymous
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I have C-Python API like below. It works fine, but the problem is while invoking this method from python script say



This calls write_this_c() C api and returns quickly to next printf statement. But the return call (Py_RETURN_NONE) takes something like 4-6 seconds.

PyMethodDef xyz_methods[] = {
{"write_object", write_object, METH_VARARGS,"write some stuff "},

static PyObject *
write_object(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
 int offset, size;
 if (!PyArg_ParseTuple(args,"ii", &offset, 

 printf("before call");
 write_this_c(offset, size);
 printf("after call");
 Py_RETURN_NONE; ##delay happens here

How to avoid this delay time?

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I will be designing a REST based API for a cross-platform back end that will serve both desktop Facebook users as well as mobile users. It will handle operations such as user creation, retrieval of user and other data, payment verification and in the case of the desktop side, handle the html/css template customization. The database back end is MySQL and I do need a cache system.

Currently we were using Codeigniter (PHP) for our codebase but as CI seems on the way out, I do not wish to start a new project based on it. I was looking at Laravel for PHP, but, Python is very attractive to me as a language and since the introduction of WSGI, I am confident it can make a difference in performance and code maintainability over PHP while being able to plug in to our dedicated server infrastructure.

Since I am not experienced with Python frameworks (though learning curve is not much of an issue for me) I look to the community to understand which Python framework can rival or surpass Codeigniter in terms of performance in heavy traffic backend solutions (over 1M requests per day, with up to 100 req/sec at peak). I really want to make the switch from PHP to Python as I believe that Python can solve more problems with less code and faster execution time, not to mention freedom from brackets and semicolons.

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I'm currently writing a C extension module for python using the "raw" C-API. I would like to be able to define "nested classes" like in the following python code

class A: 
   class B: 
     def __init__(self): 
     self.i = 2 
     def __init__(self): 

     self.b = A.B() 
     a = A() 
     b = A.B() 

How can I create such nested class with the C-API?