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How Python Is Used In The iGaming Industry

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If you are developing a video game from scratch, you will first need to identify the programming language to use. Python is among the best programming languages and has been used in some of the popular games such as The Sims, Pirates of the Caribbean, and EVE Online. Most developers use Python for data analysis and website development. In recent times, this programming language has gained momentum in the gaming industry including developers of some of the best online casinos for various reasons such as code readability, a vast library of tools, and its ability to rapidly prototype a new creation.

Python is a great option for rapid prototyping of games and if you are wondering how you can use it in game development; we’ll discuss some of the key ways below.

Pygame for 2D Games

Pygame provides an excellent framework to get into game development with Python. Although it features a low-level graphics library, it has everything you need to create a simple 2D game thanks to the fact that it is built as a wrapper around SDL.  Better yet, Pygame also has wrappers for sound and music. It is important to mention that Pygame will not offer quality visuals which is one of the limitations to keep in mind. This, however, does not take away from the fact Pygame is the best place to start in game programming since it is easy to learn. To get started, visit their official website and download the latest version.


As earlier mentioned, Pygame is a great option for developing basic 2D games. However, if you are looking to take up 3D projects, Pand3D got you covered.  This software features graphics, collision detection, I/O, and audio. You have the option to code the games in Python or directly access the engine via C++ code. What makes Panda3D a better option is the fact that it supports most industry physics engines such as ODE, Bullet, and PhysX.  Its excellent profiling and debugging tools come in handy when deploying your games to browsers.

Pros of Using Python for Game Development

Python has its equal share of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to game developments. Some of the pros include;

Readable syntax

Compared to other programming languages like C or Java, code created with Python is easy to read which speeds up the development process since everyone on the team can easily interpret it.

Wide range of third-party libraries

Having access to a wide range of built-ins and a vast library of tools is another reason for the growing popularity of Python in the iGaming community.  The numerous third-party models make database access easier and you are able to do much without the need for too much code.

Ability to prototype a new idea

Python gives you the ability to swiftly prototype a new idea and still have the flexibility to change it during the course of building a game. The agile nature of Python allows you can create a prototype in days which could take weeks when using other programs.

Cons of Using Python for Game Development

Although Python is one of the recommendable programming languages in the iGaming industry, it also has its drawbacks. The main con is its slow performance speed. Another drawback of using Python in developing games is that the language requires much testing and it is hard to find errors.

posted Jan 28, 2021 by Divya Bharti

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