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what is mobilitycontrolinfo IE and idle modemobilitycontrolinfo IE in rrc ?

+2 votes
what is mobilitycontrolinfo IE and idle modemobilitycontrolinfo IE in rrc ?
posted Nov 12, 2014 by Gnanendra Reddy

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idlemode mobility control info IE Provides dedicated cell reselection priorities (Used for cell reselection)

1 Answer

+1 vote

mobilityControlInfo IE tells UE about the frequency of target cell and various physical channel configuration and RACH procedure information about the target cell. In short, this IE (information element) carries the most of SIB2 information of target cell.

IdleModeMobilityControlInfo IE provides dedicated cell re-selection priorities.

answer Nov 12, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
will you tell why idlemodecontrolinfo ie sent in rrc connection release message to UE
I don't have an idea on why may be post a fresh query to get the attention?
Similar Questions
+1 vote

I would like to ask the following:
1.How UE will be effected
2.How Source eNodeB will be effected
3.How about the re-transmission of PDCP(SN), PDCP (NO SN)


0 votes

RRC reestablishment happens due to

-> Radio Link Failure.
-> Handover Failure.
-> Reconfiguration Failure.
-> Integrity Failure.

1Q)Does UE goes for RACH of all these cases or only for RLF.

2Q)Actually what makes UE get RLF.

Handover / (Failure) case:

3Q)Is there any possibility during handover UE might fail to do RACH with target.
Actually during HO ,target provides rach dedicated config.So if RACH fails ,then will it send reestablishment to target or source or other.
What was the behaviour ?

4Q)Will ue has to do reestablishment with only source,any possibility of sending to other cell(target or other).

5Q)Are there any messages between eNB's to forward during reestablishment rejection cases (which version>10.5/message in 36331 specifies).

My doubt :

1) Except RLF ,for other cases still UE was in connected mode only,so we can derive crnti & pcell from ue context &
forward the reestablishment request.

2) If we need to go for RACH of all the cases ,to which eNB will UE sends RACH & reestablishment request.
How it derives crnti & pcell to include it onto reestablishment request.

3) what if during HO , TS1RELOCOverall_timer_id & TX2RELOCoverall_id expires before Source (/any cell) receives reestablishment request.

3) What is the significance of mobility during these situations.

P.S :- Please correct me ,if any of my question or assumption was wrong.

+3 votes

what is difference between UEID IE of rrc connection request and IMSI ?

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