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Informatica: Pass date value from one session to another session in the same workflow

+2 votes

I have two sessions I a workflow like below


I have a join_date column in a table in Mapping1 , in session1. I want to pick this join_date value and pass to mpping2/session2

If join date value changes in the table in session1 then the same value should pick and pass to session2. I will use this date value in a query in session2 .

Please suggest how to achieve this?

posted Nov 10, 2014 by Ronu

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Check the following thread it has identical problem

1 Answer

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To equate the value of the mapping variable to the workflow variable is to be done in the "Pre-session variable assignment", and then in the next session property use "Post-session on success variable assignment" to equate the value back from the workflow variable value to the mapping variable. And this way, you pass-on the value of the mapping variable from one session to another, as per your requirement.

1.Have both the sessions in the same Workflow.
2. Assign the value you got from the mapping variable to the Workflow variable in Post session command task.
3. Assign the value from workflow variable back to mapping variable in mapping2/session2 in pre session command task.

This query returns the most recent run completion times,for workflows, along with folder name, and connection object names.
modify, or uncomment and modify or comment out the filter conditions to get the desired result.

answer Nov 11, 2014 by Shweta Singh
Hi Swetha, Thank for you reply. I am able to do this succesfully. But knldy helo me in same scenario...

Hi Experts,

My source EMP tables is below.


-----------  -------- -------------   -------  ------

COMPUTERS     1       10-JAN-2008      Y        RND
ARTS          2       30-NOV-1994      Y        RND

I have created a workflow like below.


               $session1..TgtSuccessRows>=1              $$wf_department=computers

Wf1--> session1 --------------------------->decision_task-----------------------> Worklet1



I have created two mapping varaibles $$JOIN_DATE and  $$DEPARTMENT.

I am passing $$JOIN_DATE value to worklet 1.

I wanted to executed worklet1 when $$DEPARTMENT=computers and wanted to executed worklet2 when $$DEPARTMENT=arts

I have created mapping variables, workflow varaibles and worklet variables and assigned them properly.

The above scenario is working only when 1 row is the source table.
But if it has two rows both (Computer and arts) it is executing only either worklet1 or workelt2

Could please help me the above scenario?
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