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dynamically pass built-in session variables to workflow variables

0 votes

I want to maintain audit information of each and every mapping in table which contains

workflow_name | start_time | end_time | source_success_rows | target_success_rows | error_record_count

i am able to do it using workflow variables assigning them with built-in session variables and then using the property of prevariableAssignment in session assigning the workflowflow variables to mapping variables of audit_session

It is working fine , But the issue is if i want to maintain audit for other mapping i have to create the whole process again . So is there any possibility of automating the process so that it does not require recreation of the whole thing again.

posted Aug 19, 2014 by Sachin

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1 Answer

0 votes

You might want to build a process reading from the informatica repository, wherein the exact same information is available, although spread across different tables.

you'd be able to make a single mapping/quer, extract that piece of information, and feed to your table

answer Aug 21, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I have two sessions I a workflow like below


I have a join_date column in a table in Mapping1 , in session1. I want to pick this join_date value and pass to mpping2/session2

If join date value changes in the table in session1 then the same value should pick and pass to session2. I will use this date value in a query in session2 .

Please suggest how to achieve this?

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I have a scenario where my source file name will be coming from one db table I have to read that value and pass it in the value of Source File Name in Session properties.

Till now I have tried like I have created 2 sessions where the 1st session will read the db table where the source file name is stored and store it in one mapping variable and in post success variable assignment I am assigning the mapping variable value to workflow variable and in the next main session I am trying to give the workflow variable in the session file name attribute .

But it is showing error like below

fail to expand variables in file field [$$WL_File].

How can I achieve this.

Please suggest some ideas.

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How do you include you mapping output variables in the workflow without having to use a human task?

Basically I have one row of data that I want to push out and to be included in e.g. the body of the Notification task or as an attachment.

We are not using power center, only the developer tool.

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i have an issue where i get flat file with date and time extension to flat file name like test_28-10-2012.txt

I can get the flat file name in mapping through checking the AddCurrentlyProcessedFileNameproperty in Source Analyzer,from there i can do my logic but my question is

how can i dynamically give the flat file name in Source file name property of session.

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As an SQA, I need to verify that all connections associated with a set of workflows have been updated. How can I view all connections associated with a workflow? Is there a connection, or connections, assigned to individual workflows, or would I need to find the connections for each individual session? If so, how do I view the connection(s) of a session?

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