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Does SDF QoS parameters differ from the EPS bearer QoS parameters ?

+2 votes
Does SDF QoS parameters differ from the EPS bearer QoS parameters ?
posted Oct 18, 2014 by Ganesh

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1 Answer

+2 votes

The objective of having SDF in LTE network is to provide service level data usage and its charging. LTE network supports two types of bearers known as Non-GBR and GBR bearers.
Non-GBR bearer's parameters : QCI, ARP, MBR, APN-ABMR, UE-AMBR
GBR bearer's parameters : QCI, ARP, GBR, MBR

Similarly, there are mainly two types of SDFs i.e. SDF for non-GBR and SDF for GBR. I mean to say this is highest level of mapping or association for a SDF to an EPS bearer. A SDF QoS doesn't have parameters like APN-AMBR and UE-AMBR while a non-GBR EPS bearer has such type of parameters. Each EPS bearer has TFT "Traffic Flow Template" which may have a list of IP packet filters. For the downlink data, PGW is responsible for mapping of incoming IP packets from external network (SGi) interface to EPS bearers by using SDFs and TFTs.

answer Oct 19, 2014 by Vimal Kumar Mishra
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Pardon me, this is just a theoretical question. Not started my real testing yet. But so meantime trying to see I handle the basic possible scenarios.

In the CCR message of type (Initial Request), lets say PCRF receives both the "QOS" (containing APN AMBR UL and APN AMBR DL) and "Default Bearer QOS" AVP (containing QCI and ARP).
As of now, in my basic code, I return the QOS based on apn info received on "Called-station-ID" AVP. Will it be ok..Or is there any better suggestions on this ?


+1 vote

Hello all,

Can anybody suggests how we can set maximum bitrates for parameters like MBR, GBR (UL,DL), APN-AMBR(UL/DL), UE-AMBR(UL/DL) for GBR and Non GBR bearer.?

Are those values standard from PCRFor does it define dynamically based on user subscription.?
Please suggest some sources to choose the exact the bitrates for QoS parameters mentioned above.

Thanks in advance,

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