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What kill procedure does in LTE?

+1 vote
What kill procedure does in LTE?
posted Oct 9, 2014 by Ganesh

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1 Answer

0 votes

S1-AP interface is defined kill procedure which is mainly used to ask eNodeB to stop an ongoing broadcast warning messages. Each warning message is uniquely identified by "Message Identifier" and "Serial Number".
When MME needs to stop broadcasting of any of the warning message, it prepares and sends "Kill Request" with this "Message Identifier" and "Serial number" and also it can include "Warning Area List" IE (optional) with the kill request message.

As soon as, eNodeB receives "Kill Request" message from an MME, it stops broadcasting of warning messages based on the information receives in request message. If "warning area list" is present then eNodeB considers that list to identify cells or tai's or emergency area ids to stop broadcasting of warning message else it stops warning message for all of its cells. Once this operation finishes, eNodeB prepares and sends "Kill Response" message to MME with the same identifiers "Message Identifier" and "Serial Number" and also it can send "Broadcast cancelled area list" (optional IE) in the response message.

answer Oct 10, 2014 by Harshita
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When target eNodeB is not able to allocate resource for all the bearers which comes as part of Handover Request message, it sends handover request ack with partial success since "E-RABs Failed to Setup List" is present in HOReqAck message.
What MME or source eNodeB does in that case ? Does any action taken by MME for the E-RABs which failed to setup at target eNodeB or some other actions taken ?

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Does S1-SETUP procedure run for each cell supported by an eNodeB, if yes then why and if no then why not.

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