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Does S1-SETUP procedure run for each cell supported by an eNodeB?

+3 votes

Does S1-SETUP procedure run for each cell supported by an eNodeB, if yes then why and if no then why not.

posted Oct 10, 2014 by Nikhil Pandey

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1 Answer

+2 votes
Best answer

Yes S1-AP setup has to be done for each cell because of two factors
The first factor is always different and that is the DRX paging cycle which is cell specific
The second factor may or may not change according to situation which is the MNC, As same enodeb can be used by multiple vendors (different MNC so different cell)

answer Oct 10, 2014 by Saurabh Srivastava
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I have a use case in which
ENodeB sends "S1-Setup Request" message to MME. TAC within the request is unknown for MME but at least one PLMN from the list of broadcasted PLMN is known by MME. How MME shall react ?

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In S1-Setup Request message, eNodeB tells max # (6) of broad casted PLMNs. In S1-Setup response message, MME responds back to eNodeB with maxnoofPLMNsPerMME(32) IE. I am not able to find the reason that why maxnoofPLMNsPerMME is 32 even eNodeB can broadcast maxium of 6 ?

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Which parameters at eNodeB would be taken into consideration to trigger 'n' numbers of S1 connections with same MME or different MMEs ?
Note: My query is related to macro eNodeB.

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