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What is the difference between periodic tracking area update v/s non-periodic tracking area update?

+2 votes
What is the difference between periodic tracking area update v/s non-periodic tracking area update?
posted Oct 9, 2014 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Periodic tracking area update is used to notify the availability of the UE to the network(EPC) periodically.
For this purpose the UE maintains a periodic tracking area update timer (T3412).

The value of T3412 is sent by the network to the UE in the ATTACH ACCEPT/TRACKING AREA UPDATE ACCEPT message. The UE shall apply this value in the list of tracking areas assigned to the UE, until a new value is received.

Network(MME) can also deactivate/disable this procedure by setting the timer value as zero in the ATTACH ACCEPT/ TRACKING AREA UPDATE ACCEPT message after which the UE shall not perform periodic tracking area updating procedure.

Now Non Periodic TAU procedure is initiated -
1. If the Tracking Area changes.
2. If the UE transits from ECM Idle state to ECM Connected state.

Suppose a UE is in idle state & receives an incoming call or tries to access internet, all the released tunnels are re established (either using paging or service request) & the UE is moved to the connected state. So now after coming back to the connected state, the UE needs to update its whereabouts/location to the network, so it sends a TAU request message.

Hope this helps!

answer Oct 9, 2014 by Ankush Surelia
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There are two ways for tracking area update procedure to get triggered from UE to network . One is known as periodic and other one as non-periodic.

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I know that once the security has been established for the NAS signalling connection, the MME will not process any NAS signalling messages unless they have been successfully integrity checked by the NAS. Is there any scenario where the Tracking Area Update Request sent by the ue will not be integrity protected but still it is processed at the mme and a proper response is given to ue .?

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