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LTE: On what basis source MME forwards S10 handover message to target MME ?

+4 votes
LTE: On what basis source MME forwards S10 handover message to target MME ?
posted Oct 1, 2014 by anonymous

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2 Answers

+1 vote

There may be following two scenarios:

  1. Target Cell is served by source MME
    MME shall send handover request message to target eNodeB based on the global enodeb id which was present in the handover required message.

  2. Target cell is not served by source MME.
    Based on the tracking area code, source MME sends forward relocation request to target MME over the S10 interface.

answer Oct 1, 2014 by Harshita
0 votes

S1-AP handover required message carries "Target ID". This IE contains sub-elements like target "global enodeb Id" and "tracking area code". When source MME receives handover required message for an UE, it check whether it serves target eNodeB or not.

If MME serves target eNodeB then it shall prepare and send handover request message to target eNodeB. If it doesn't then based on tracking area code of target cell, source MME prepares and sends Forward Relocation Request to target MME.

answer Oct 2, 2014 by Salil Agrawal
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As part of S1-AP procedure with MME relocation, Handover Required message sent to source MME. Target eNodeBId is present within the handover required. How source MME figure out target cell is being served by XYZ MME and sends "Forward relocation Request" message to XYZ MME.

Please provide reference also if it is there ?

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I have basic handover related query. How source eNodeB get to know when it has to trigger handover required message ? I mean to ask, how a source eNodeB come to know the threshold values of RSRP or RSRQ or both (related to target eNodeB) , required to do a successful handover towards eNodeB ? Is it due to network planning ?

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I was thinking, Is it possible UE sends RRC connection reconfiguration complete message to target eNodeB without doing the RACH ? I meant to say, resource reserved by target eNodeB and send to UE within the handover command message ?

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