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LTE : Is it possible target eNodeB send the uplink grant in advance to UE within the handover command message ?

+1 vote

I was thinking, Is it possible UE sends RRC connection reconfiguration complete message to target eNodeB without doing the RACH ? I meant to say, resource reserved by target eNodeB and send to UE within the handover command message ?

posted Mar 21, 2016 by Harshita

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1 Answer

+3 votes

If RRCConnectionReconfiguration Carries MobilityControlInfo then UE has to do contention free rach to the specified target ENB,and its not possible in a handover that RRCConnectionReconfiguration go without MobilityControlInfo.
To get the Uplink Sync with the target ENB,UE has to do rach to the specified target Cell even if RRCConnectionReconfiguration carries SR configuration .
Maximum ENB can send SR configuration as part of the phy-configuration but still UE will have to get in a sync with the target for which UE has to do rach as per the rach and prach configuration present in the mobilityControlInfo.
Correct me if I am wrong.

answer Mar 21, 2016 by Ashish Barapatre
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What the target MME does by receiving TAC, when an enodeb can be identified uniquely by using combination of (PLMN + Macro/Home ENodeB) ?

Can someone tell me what the purpose behind to send TAC as part of Target Id IE ?

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Is it possible, source eNodeB has received "handover command" message from MME and now it want to cancel handover procedure ?
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I have basic handover related query. How source eNodeB get to know when it has to trigger handover required message ? I mean to ask, how a source eNodeB come to know the threshold values of RSRP or RSRQ or both (related to target eNodeB) , required to do a successful handover towards eNodeB ? Is it due to network planning ?

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When source enodeB triggers Handover Required message to MME. It just has Target ID ( which just tells about the target eNodeB Id ) not at the cell level granularity . My concern is how target eNodeB figure out which of the cell out of 256 cells, need to be prepared for the received handover request message. Is there any IE carry such information within Handover Required or handover request message ?

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