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home window can't be change size on fedora18

0 votes

I am running F18 64 bit on HP envy dv7 laptop. I can't fine the way to change the home window size it is always full screen. Occasionally come up to a standard half screen size, but then as soon as try to move it
around change to full screen. Is there way to correct it?

posted May 15, 2013 by anonymous

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1 Answer

0 votes

Click on the top border of the window, hold the click, and pull down.
The window should 'un-maximize'. Then you can resize the window as you
like, from the edges as usual.

For the reverse, you can double-click on the top border of the window.
Or you can click on top border of the window, hold the click, and push
it to top edge of screen. You may have done this inadvertently some
time, and it always opens at last used mode and position. :-)

answer May 16, 2013 by anonymous
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For some reason, there are times when I log into the system and it simply won't load the desktop. The GDM shows me the login prompt, I select my username, enter my password, and it says 'Logged In' with the
little green checkmark next to it. But it just sits there. It doesn't load the desktop and the only way to get to the desktop is to restart the system and log in again.

This happens with no rhyme or reason. Just 'sometimes' and always at system boot.

I'm running F18, fully patched, with XFCE as the DE.

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I have two F18 systems.

1) when I open Connect to server I see the list of recent connected server and I have also the Explore button
2) in a fresh installed system I don't have the server list and also explore button is missing

Both system connect each other fine with smb or sftp. What am I missing??

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Is there a simple way of changing the font used by lpr to print out a text file,
after say "lpr foo.txt" on a Fedora-18 CUPS printer?

The font in my case is much too small for my eyesight.

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Does anyone have any experience with F18 on a Dell XPS13 with the FHD 1080p display? What does this Full High-Definition 1080p mean anyway? I guess my question is: is this the real resolution or some
virtual resolution not obtained via linux.

I am interested in this because it claims to have a 1080 vertical resolution (not sure if this is accurate) in an Ultrabook.

Note that Dell sells this with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (for a price more than with MS Windoze).

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Why system-config-lvm disappeared since fedora 18? Is there a reason?