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Fedora18 - Connect to server doesn't show recent server list

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I have two F18 systems.

1) when I open Connect to server I see the list of recent connected server and I have also the Explore button
2) in a fresh installed system I don't have the server list and also explore button is missing

Both system connect each other fine with smb or sftp. What am I missing??

posted Jun 30, 2013 by anonymous

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the only difference is the system 1 runs Gnome 3 while system 2 is running gnome in fallback mode due to a poor video card
Which one fails to connect?
number 2, with Gnome in fallback mode. But connection works fine, the  only problem is the missing list of servers (that are usually stored).
No, sorry; I don't use Gnome. However, now we know that it might be  something related to fallback mode.

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