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Running SQL against the source in Informatica and exporting results to a target table

0 votes

Using Informatica designer, is there a way to run a complex SELECT statement as-is against a source database, and workflow it into a target table? For example, SQL Server Integration Services makes it really easy to create source/target connections, paste your source SQL, and map the results to the target table. When the package is run, SQL runs against the source, and results are dumped into the target.

Is something like that available in Informatica?

posted Nov 11, 2014 by Sachin

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1 Answer

0 votes

you can use sql override property in Source Qualifier Transformation to achieve this.

answer Nov 13, 2014 by Shatark Bajpai
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I have to load the target table copy of data into the text file at the time of workflow running.(i.e)Whatever data are going into the the target table that should come into the text file also.

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For cleaning up unused IPC-Sources I need a Repository Query for getting Workflow, Session, Mapping and Source/Target of Mapping.I have startet by joining REP_LOAD_SESSIONS and REP_TBL_MAPPING on mapping_id but only a fraction of mappings seem to be present in the joined output. I can't find the right tables to join to get the job done. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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