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Newlookuprow not return 2 Informatica

+1 vote

I have a problem with the dynamic lookup of the Informatica. My new lookup row is only returning 0 (duplicate) and 1 (Insert) it never returns 2(update). When i added a new row with the same natural key and update a column in a row the lookup returns 1 rather 2 which is update!

posted Sep 18, 2014 by Amit Sharma

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1 Answer

0 votes

You have (at least) of things to look for:

1.Check in the property label of the lookup transformation that the "Insert Else Updated" and "Update else insert" are checked (they are not by default).
2.Check also the port that could cause an update are correctly associated (in the port label) and have not the "Ignore in comparison" flag checked.

answer Sep 22, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I need to show the latest Status based on 2 attributes (LAST_UPDATE and STAUS)
How can I do it in informatica? the source is flat file


NUMBER --------------------LAST_UPDATE ----------------- STATUS  
-----1 -----------------------01/26/2015  ----------------------   CREATED                  
-----1 ----------------------   01/27/2015  ------------------UNDER_PROCCESS                           
-----1----------------------    01/28/2015  ---------------------COMPLETED  
 -----2---------------------- 01/28/2015 ------------------ CREATED  
-----3---------------------- 01/28/2015 --------------------- UNDER_PROCCESS

Result should be

NUMBER --------------------LAST_UPDATE ------------- STATUS  ---------------LAST_STAUS  
-----1 -----------------------01/26/2015  ----------------------   CREATED -----------COMPLETED                 
-----1 ----------------------   01/27/2015  -----------------UNDER_PROCCESS ---- COMPLETED                           
-----1----------------------    01/28/2015  ---------------------COMPLETED ----------COMPLETED  
 -----2---------------------- 01/28/2015 ------------------ CREATED  ---------------- CREATED  
-----3---------------------- 01/28/2015 -------------UNDER_PROCCESS --UNDER_PROCCESS   
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I tried the SQ and linked directly from source to SQ only the required columns and generated workflow but it shows no result. Do I have to use any other transformation or do I have to add query in SQ if so how? help me thanks in advance.

+2 votes

I have 2 source tables:

table A: table B:

A_id || A_code           B_id || B_code 
-----  -------           -----  ------- 
2          t2            1      t1
3          t3            2      t2
4          t4            3      t3 

I want to join 2 table use Slowly change dimension

target table:

tgt_id || tgt_code || is_table A || is_table B
-----  ------------   -----------   ----------- 
1          t1         0              x 
2          t2         x              x   
3          t3         x              x
4          t4         x              0

I can't check type 'is_table A ' and 'is_table B' when join table.

+1 vote

My source having 10 records but how can i load 20 records in target, i am not bother about duplicates. How I can do it?

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