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Informatica: How to import data from 2 table(parent and child table)?

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I tried the SQ and linked directly from source to SQ only the required columns and generated workflow but it shows no result. Do I have to use any other transformation or do I have to add query in SQ if so how? help me thanks in advance.

posted Dec 15, 2014 by Sachin

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1 Answer

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Try this, Parent Table To Source Qualifier(Parent) & Child Table To Source Qualifier(Child)

Next, Join both Source qualifiers based on a join condition using Join Transform (or) If you want to Union both data sets then use Union transoform

Next, Use expression transform for cleaning,filtering data or to apply any logic

Last, Map the expression transform to load the Target table

answer Dec 18, 2014 by Shweta Singh
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I have 2 source tables:

table A: table B:

A_id || A_code           B_id || B_code 
-----  -------           -----  ------- 
2          t2            1      t1
3          t3            2      t2
4          t4            3      t3 

I want to join 2 table use Slowly change dimension

target table:

tgt_id || tgt_code || is_table A || is_table B
-----  ------------   -----------   ----------- 
1          t1         0              x 
2          t2         x              x   
3          t3         x              x
4          t4         x              0

I can't check type 'is_table A ' and 'is_table B' when join table.