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How the data compression is done in UMTS network?

+2 votes
How the data compression is done in UMTS network?
posted Sep 17, 2014 by anonymous

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To bypass the mobile data traffic, I heard internet offloading used. Can someone please explain, to offload mobile data in UMTS network, where Gateway need to sit in between network. And one more thing if mobile data is being offloaded then how charging mechanism works?

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I have worked in LTE technology and observed the data rate through LTE network. We know , LTE deployment is on going and it will take few years to roll out completely in India. When a LTE UE attaches to network and handover to UMTS due to mobility then is there any change in data rate ? If yes, then how this change is communicated to UE. I mean to say what signalling messages exchange in network ?

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