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How IOG (internet offload gateway) works for UMTS and where it sits in network ?

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To bypass the mobile data traffic, I heard internet offloading used. Can someone please explain, to offload mobile data in UMTS network, where Gateway need to sit in between network. And one more thing if mobile data is being offloaded then how charging mechanism works?

posted Sep 4, 2013 by Vimal Kumar Mishra

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Its at IuB or IuPS depends on the choice?

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My query is, suppose i have x-operator connection but in an particular area X-network is not present so operator has made a deal with Y-operator. That is in this area X-network is not there kindly provide the network to my users when they are present here. Y-network will give the resources.

The point is how the charging takes place in this case of inter-operator movement?