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How to change earfcn of radiating enodeb?

+1 vote

Can anybody explain me how can it possible to change earfcn of radiating enodeb? What protocol is used to change ENodeB settings(MccMnc, earfcn, PCI and so on) and how?

posted Sep 10, 2014 by anonymous

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Need to organize Neighbor List by using EARFCN. Any help will be appreciate.

+3 votes

Following scenario tested :
UE is attached. Changed the value of Pmax from Zero to 20.

Observations :
eNodeB is sending SIB1 followed by paging message. SIB1 systemInfoValueTag is also changed.
As per 36.331 on modification of any SIB1 parameter, systemInfoValueTag should not be changed.

Questions :
Could you please clarify me, in what scenarios the systemInfoValuetag present in SIB1 should be changed and in which scenarios it should not be changed ?
Also how would the UE decode the system information in these scenarios ?

+4 votes

When an UE moves from one cell to another cell of same eNodeB then what are all messages exchanged between UE and eNodeB as per specification ? Here I have assumed macro eNodeB.

+4 votes

Is there any scheme for eNB to inform UEs to change their UL bit-rate? Or is it entirely dependent on the bandwidth/PRBs allocated??

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